Cutting Master Times Out From Illustrator

This is a new problem that just started…..go figure.

I have tried reinstalling cutting master & turning off the firewall. Neither have solved the issue.

FYI - I can cut from Flexi with no issues, but Flexi messes with some gradients & such at times, so I need to still be able to cut from Illustrator.

Any ideas or what else I should check to give you more info?

Thanks in advance!


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You have the language set to HP-gl instead of GP-gl. Switch it back on the cutter - (menu---next---next---Interface---Command) and Illy will cut again. To cut from Flexi you will need to switch it back.


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This problem just came up on two of our FC2250's.
Tried changing the language, re-seating USB cables and re-booting entire system.

Any others experience this time-out error with Cutting Master and Illustrator?

Thanks for the advice!


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I don't know if it could help, but with my winplot software I need to run illustrator as an administrator to be able to use the plug-in.
this has nothing to do w/ the way the plotter is configured because this issue happens when you click Cut/Plot and CM2 times out while waiting for CM2 to open. If reinstalling CM2 w/ the security software disabled did not work, then you may need to remove it again, download the latest version from the web site, get into your hard drive and look for any previous Adobe Illustrator program files and delete them manually, then reinstall CM2 using Admin. account. If this does not work you'll have to
remove Illustrator as well, make sure you registry is clean because CM2 installer can get confused as to where to install plug in files. If this does not work, look into the Adobe software that you may have- is it a full version, if its not a full version(serial # wise;) you may need to get another one.