Need Help Cutting Nested Jobs on a Summa S2 T140


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Hello, we are printing on Roland and cutting on a Summa. When cutting nested jobs the order it cuts is so random it causes issues when perf / flex cutting. In general the flex cut feature cuts random. We would prefer it cut in the same order as our Rolands. Is there a setting that forces cuts to start at the bottom right of the sheet and to end at the top left? We are printing out of Flexi PM.

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Not really sure about flexi..
Maybe here: Objects/Changing Cut Order.htm

If you are or can use winplot in the mix...
You could try using sorting option that says something like "least media movement"

If the artwork is in a programme like corel I typically go on autopilot and will flatten all object contours into one,like this: 1. Select all contours, 2. break apart, 3. combine, 4. then output to plotter.

I never mess about with seperate Object ordering because ( in #3 ) we create one 'closed path' object. Doing things seperately is usually a drawing order thing or a top down approach in "layer/object manager" and in my mind a waste of time.


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Please consider trying this flexisign 'optimise cutting order' option as well....goto Minutes 28.20seconds: