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I have an old Roland Camm 1 PRO (GX500). I bought it used. I've been having a little issue with it. I have avoided really working with the issue until NOW. I have a pool company that has a whole bunch of circles in the logo. I printed 6 yards of material and went to cut it and everything is OFF. The circles cut with off about a quarter of an inch off. The letters even cut off. It was like everything shifted over a quarter of an inch. I have looked it up before and asked people how to fix it but now I'm putting it out there for help. I've changed blades, holders, strips. I have not changed the rollers but I have new ones to replace them. I've been told these are very simple machines so I know it can be fixed. Can someone tell me what needs to be fixed? Ive been told it was calibration and that would be complex. But can anyone steer me to how to calibrate it? I will probably drink some wine and lose some sleep over this one tonight until I can get an answer. Thanks for any help even if it's laden in sarcasm!


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Have you checked the drawing to make sure the contour cut has moved away from the image?