Cutting quality issue on Roland VS-540


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Hello all...hope someone can help me on this. I'm getting poor cutting quality and have tried setting adjustments, test cuts, new blade, etc. I have attached a photo...I'm getting what looks like a perferated cut. This is printed on heat transfer material because it seems to be worse on this material and I'm able to get a good photo to show, however I get the same poor performance on all materials. I thought it was just not completing at intersections, but this shows it on even straight cuts. Out cutting strip is a little rought in some spots, but not all the way across, and I get the same results all the way across the material. Any ideas?


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that does look like perf cut, has the settings in VW been verified?

what degree blade are you using? we found a 60* is best for heat transfer.


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HTM2 requires a fresh blade to cut well. Also, be sure the heat is turned OFF.

Very often, a blade holder that does not freely rotate the blade will present these same characteristics.


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at first glance I would have said blade depth. i get similar cuts when i put in new blade too deep but your cuts are really regular so either you are doing a fancy perforated cut or your cutting strip has a nice wavy profile :smile:


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Thanks for the replies.

Thanks for the replies. I'm going to order a new blade holder and cutting strip today. Is there a way to tell if the holder is sticking, or do you just replace it and see if it makes a difference. Have jobs I have to cut today, so hoping to find a way to limp through until I can get service tech here.


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I would double check your settings in versaworks before you buy anything. Roland does have a perf cut setting that does pretty much exactly what you posted, make sure it's not enabled.

the uniformity of the "dashes" point to the perf cut being enabled to me.


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Problem fixed!

Thanks for your help...turns out it was the blade holder. I had a couple of extras on hand, swapped it out and working fine. Good call CS-SignSupply!
I had the same issue. Luckily there aren't too many pieces that can go wrong here. I did the same thing, I didn't think of the blade holder. I changed that and perfect again. I do a lot of perf cut so I go through strips, blades and blade holders... Blade holders last me about 11 months. I'm thinking of going with the metal one, anyone have any experience with that one?

I'd advise to have at least 3 cut strips, blades and an extra blade holder on hand at all times. I went to order some last week and they were out. The company was suppose to call me when they had some and I guess they forgot. Tonight I had to do a job that was 500 perf cut stickers. I had to print out 900 because my strip was so bad just to get to 500. Customer paid for the stickers so definitely covered the waste. You really don't want to run into that issue.


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Same issue here. I discovered using the Versaworks htm2 profile forprining change the cut settings to speed 5, pressure 30 with a new blade and it works like a champ.


Have had the same problem. Take out the blade and blow out any debris. Then lightly lubricate the blade holder. If that doesn't work try a new blade holder.