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Cutting second file shorter?


New Member
We are baffled at something that occurred the other day. We cut one 24.7 ft long graphic, pretty simple letters and a box out from standard black vinyl. The graphic uses almost the full width of the material.
The other copy from the same file we sent buckled up in the cutter so we had to raise pinch rollers and reload the material. We did then send the other copy to cut and it cut fine. Sent out the decals to a customer who had another company applying it to a truck.
Now customer said the graphic is about 1.1 ft shorter on one side? I went out and measured it myself and yes, it is shorter and lower in proportion.

Is it possible for Summa Winplot to automatically resize this due to some glitch or something? We did NOT restart cutter or computer, nor reload the file. We did NOT touch the file anyway, just clicked "Send to cutter" again.

We are very confused how this even could have happened, one guy suggests the other, shorter decal didn't come from us but I want to ask if someone had the same or similar issue before? I didn't Think Winplot could resize it automatically. Cutter is Summa S-class 140.
Thank you very much in advance for shedding some light on this...