Cutting smaller than should be on Camm 1 GX 24

I must have adjusted something on my cutter or in cut studio. I am doing numbers for vehicles an some want a certain size. One company wants 2.25" high. I make the size copy and paste it in cut studio. When it cuts it,it comes out 1.75". Another one in a different file wanted 4" high and it cut it 3" high. For the first one I made it 2.85" and it cut it t 2.25" and the 2nd one I made 5" and it cut it at 4". Not sure why it's doing this -- it just started a while ago and it has worked fine for the past 2 years

Pat Whatley

Couple of things come to mind. First, are you sure the actual number size you are sending it correct? Some fonts have smaller numbers than characters. You'll tell the program to type a 2", your letters will be 2" but the numbers will only be 1.5". Text manager will say they are correct so you have to convert them to outlines and adjust the size there.

The other thought is that you have adjusted the scale on your plotter. Instead of cutting at 100% you're cutting at 85%. Check in Cut Studio to see if you've accidentally scaled something.
Cutting smaller

Sorry I should have mentioned both letters and numbers are cutting smaller than what I copy and paste into cut studio. Just double checked this morning and GVW 39,000 at 2.25" high cut out on my GX 24 at 2" high. I also did a 4" x 40" long decal that (all letters) that came out 3" high. Where is the scaling set in cut studio. I can't find anywhere where it shows scaling. Under properties and size and shape, the height shows 2.25". The aspect bn is not clicked but it's not shapes I am having trouble with. I use CorelDraw X4
I have been. I haven't changed the way I do things and it has always worked before. I just must have adjusted something accidentally and can't figure out where or what


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when cutting from corel.........USE WIRE FRAME, DO NOT SEND TO PLOT WITH COLOR INSIDE TEXT/OBJECT..........IT WILL CUT TWICE if you do...


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cutting from corel..........USE WIRE FRAME.. or it will cut twice....was a CAUTIONARY STATEMENT!!! your problem of size..........MAY NOT HAPPEN WHEN CUTTING DIRECT FROM THE PROGRAM(corel) YOU CREATE THE GRAPHIC IN!!!!
now does it make sense????