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Cutting to Summa D60 Directly from Corel


New Member
I know that this has been discussed before and I remember a couple of people saying that they only have Corel and cut directly from there but they didn't say how to go about it. What I'm looking for are some details. We currently have Co-Cut on one of our computers but not on our 2nd computer. We have a network set up and would like to be able to cut to our one and only Summa D60 directly from CorelDraw 11 on our 2nd computer. Exactly how do I go about setting things up to do this? Do I need to install the Summa on our 2nd computer for it to recognize it? Any help is greatly appreciated.


New Member
As long as the cutter is connected to the machine that's got Corel on you'll have no problem. There's a plug-in on the Summa disk that gives you an extra button, it appears undocked at the beginning when you start the program but you can dock it and it'll stay there. It just throws your vector into WinPlot. Easy.