cyan problems, can you help me, please?


the printer is SP540V, 720x720 8 pass, test print looks PERFECT.


every other color except cyan and combination with cyan is perfect.

the head is new, only 2 months, well aligned, new whipers, new dampers, new caps.

it is the same with diferent profiles and diferent temperatures.

i'm not using original roland inks, but jetbest ecosky inks (for 2 the last years).



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Empty cartridge?

I don't know the particulars of that Roland, but we have a Roland SC-545 and sometimes the chip inside the cartridge that tells the printer the cartridge is empty gets dislodged and the printer will keep printing even without ink firing through that line. We can tell by doing a test print and if there is a color missing, we figure out which of those cartridges is empty and replace it followed by a cleaning. Maybe check you Cyan cartridges?

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I'd check prints using other media types...then profile...then change ink....yes, it does make a difference for the few pennys you may save.