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I am offered to purchase a used D-750 3-4 yrs old for about $1500.
I am currently using mimaki cg-60st and am not happy with it.

I do not know much this plotter and would like to know what do you think about it:

- Is the plotter good enough for a main plotter in a small shop? (if not please suggest a different one)
- How reliable is it?
- servicebility?
- can it be used for cutting magnetic rolls?
- Is the price fair?



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You can contact Summa Direct and look at refurbished units and see what they are selling for. Also you should find all the specs on a D750 what it can and can not do. - Good luck.


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You generally speaking can't go wrong with a Summa. I personally prefer the Tangential cutters versus the drag knifes though.