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Dead Falcon


New Member
My Mutoh 48" stopped printing last night :(

I called CEI to come fix it but they can't come out for a few days. I Am hoping with your help I can get it to work sooner so I can keep making money. I got jobs backed up!

Here goes...

Rip is fine ( rips to other printer )
1) If I try to print Printer says, Convert [port1]
2) If I try test print from the printer terminal, the printer heads move 1/2" stop and it says, Convert
3) Head align print, Same thing

Any one had this problem?


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In the mean time, if you are backed up you need to keep your clients happy. Outsource the backed up jobs for now. I am sure there is someone local that will help you out in a bind.


New Member
Yeah... But the job I'm doing is matching 3 PMS colors for a client that is picky about color.

I have the color nailed on my printer with my rip.

If I out source they will not get the color right unless they want to spend days doing test prints.

I was just hoping this may be an easy fix? if some one else has had the same problem.

Worst case I will outsource


It's better to have two hands than one glove.
You probably know all about this but in case you don't...

Are you running the printer on a TCP/IP port? If so try powering off the printer, unplug the power cord to the TCP/IP widget plugged into the printer and phycially unplug it from the printer. Reboot your computer and put the TCP/IP plug back in the printer, plug it in and power on the printer.

Might help, might not. If you're using Flexi and if you've aborted a job on the printer and then tried to delete the job from the producton manager before it was through sending this bit of confusion is a common occurance.


New Member
Thanks Bob, for trying... some times we for get those things

However, I did that.... and the printer will not print a test print from the on board firm ware.

I'm now think'n Mother Board :( ;:)wine-smi:

Steve C.

New Member
Sorry to hear about your printer problems. Please keep us informed when you find what the trouble was. Is you warrenty still good? I hope so!


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Dead Mutoh Falcon

Call SSK. they have the BEST tech support! They will be able to walk you through your problem.

Color Dude

New Member
DERF: Just Curious about your Falcon


What was the problem? Was it by chance the encoder strip being dirty causing the printhead to only move out of the capping area a short distance before just stopping. Or did it turn out to be the main board resulting from a Centronics port being bad?

Let us know.

I am a service technician on these printers, and have seen many different cases of this.


Scott Reynolds

New Member
Hey Color Dude, whats the best way to clean the encoder strip on the Falcon? It seems different printer companys have different recommendations.

Color Dude

New Member
Cleaning Encoder Strip

Always use a non abrasive lint free cloth and denatured alcohol. DO NOT saturate the cloth, it just needs to be damp.

I would suggest if you have never cleaned the encoder and you have had the printer for 6 months or more. I would definatly take the top cover off the printer and wipe it down until it is clean. The Falcons for some reason in Belgium they put alot of Lithium grease on the printhead scroller bar and over time it will work its way back up onto the encoder strip. Also ensuring the encoder is clean is good preventive maintenance that will ensure that problem wont happen. If you choose not to remove the top cover you can still clean it, but I would suggest getting somebody with small hands to reach up in there.

Hope this helps

Steve C.

New Member
Could you maybe be a little more specific, for those of us who don't have a clue what an encoder strip is or where it is found?

Color Dude

New Member
Encoder Location

The encoder is a small grey strip that runs the length of the printer on top of the aluminum printhead scroller bar. It is almost invisible to see. But if you would like to locate it, the easiest way for me to describe its location is to open the door, and you will notice the aluminum bar the printhead runs on, and the opening between the top cover, slide your hand flat in that opening and while your hand is flat slowly bring your hand down to the aluminum bar, you will feel a sharp edge against your hand. That is the encoder strip. If you have a flash light you can barely see it if you look up in there. The encoder strip sits directly on the top-middle of the aluminum bar. If you touch it with your fingers, you better clean it. The oils from your fingers will get on the strip and cause a similar problem that derf was experiencing.

As for what it is, the encoder strip is what tells the printhead where to fire the ink at. If it gets dirty things can start to screw up.

Hope this helps:Welcome: