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Decorative Window Films....


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Hey guys!

We have been doing a lot of frosting/etching of windows lately with both our business and residential buyers...many of the new homes lately have clear windows in the bathroom, or a bathroom door with a glass panel in the master bedroom. Or office windows for the HR office that they want covered, but still allowing light in.

We typically useOrafol 8510 Silver Etch film for full coverage of windows and doors.

Does anyone have a good referral on a supplier for all kinds of fun window films with maybe patterns, something more fun that we might be abel to toss to a customer for ideas besides just straight frost/etch film to cover all of their office windows?

We're aware of https://www.decorativefilm.com/ but their pricing is outrageous...seems to me that they may be geared more toward the end customer buying based on pricing. Was hoping to find someone like grimco or fellers that has a selection with wholesale pricing.



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I can get just about all those at a much lower price point.


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Kaitlin Boisvert

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Aslan has etched and ice look material that you can print on, and has air-release. We've used it several times and works great.
3M also has their fasara series window films which are nice, a little pricier, but many pattern options.


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Are you looking a Decorative Films pricing before or after the re-seller discount? We bought their seller's sample pack and it has led us to some new jobs. If BigFish has some alternatives I would look into that but so far Decorative hasn't done us wrong, gotta pay for good quality materials.