Deleting an EPS/AI


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I have this problem on my work computer and the one I use at home.

Sometimes it doesn't happen but sometimes when I go to delete an EPS or AI file it gives me an error that it's in use. Even when I haven't even opened up Illustrator after a reboot.

Is Windows being goofy?


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Couple of possibilities that I know of.

1.) You may be using this image in a layout in your design program and it keeps track of where these images are. Sometimes it won't even allow you to move them from one folder to another. Example, a pdf, a flexi file ect... Theres a setting someplace I think to keep the design program such as Flexi to keep from tracking the image locations. Try moving the image to another folder. If you can, try deleting from there.

2.) If you are on a network and the image is in a shared folder and someone on the network is using the file.


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1) I can't even move the file. I get the same error.

2) I'm on a network. However, the file is not shared.

I was thinking it had to do with Illustrator's "include document thumbnails" or "pdf thumbnail format". I can't even save over the file or rename it. I checked the properties and it's not, locked, read-only or anything.

It looks normal but it won't go away. :(


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I've had this happen too.
Sometimes someone who has accessed the file, no longer has the file opened, but their program is still open and hanging on it. Even when the program is closed, ther could a temp file running in the computers memory causing it to hang up.
The only sure fire cure is to reboot all of the computers that can access it. then delete the file before you access it again.