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Hello Guys,

a short bio of this job is needed i thing..

Me and my best friend opened sign shop last fall and the breakdown of our jobs are as follows...I own everything,I invested all of the money and I have been building game machines for years and was buying all of my game wraps from local sign company. I decided to buy a sign shop out for the equipment to relocate to my shop and needed a experienced wrap designer ,installer etc to come on board with me to promote that part of the new business. My best friend from childhood that i seen all the time and who had been telling me i needed to own my own printer etc. relocated and moved near me to be my partner in the new shop. He was designer and graphic installer as well as help in promoting shop. I did sales as well as pay all the bills with my current printing that i was now hiring my new sign shop to do instead of the previous sign shop i had been using for prints.

now for the bad part...He was in a horrific motorcycle wreck last week. He is gonna live but he will be out of able to work for at least a year or more as he crushed all of his bones from waist down as well as back and arm etc...

We have a couple jobs that we are working on and have sold but i need someone to design and save files and send to FTP site or something for me, so i can just download and print. I have been training on Photoshop a little but i am not proficient as that was his piece of the pie and i had other things to do. I do not need a full time designer as we are not that profitable now to take on that expense. I just need someone that can design in their spare time for me and give me a good rate.

I can operate printer (xc-540) and laminator and i have someone that works for us parttime that can do installs for me. The person or person's i get to do this facet of the biz for me i will pay as piece work.

If this isnt best place to find someone then please someone email me at on a place where maybe i can find someone to help me through this.