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Determining Lynx Sign Cutter Model?


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We have a Lynx sign plotter that was attached to a computer of an estate we purchased.

I am having absolutely no luck determining which model it is, or where the effin drivers are...yadda yadda yadda. I'm ready to yank out my hair and send this thing down a very big hill.

All it says on it is Lynx Sign Cutters By Vinyl Express. I measured the cutting distance, and it's almost 24"...just over. However, it doesn't *say* Lynx 24 on it. Am I up in the night? Am I screwed?

All I want to do is sell the darned thing!!!!!!!!!


Fred Weiss

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You might want to contact SignWarehouse.com to find out as well as get an idea of what the value of it might be. They are the only source for the plotter.

Here's an information page about it. LYNX 24 PLOTTER


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Jux, i have to submit my "experience" with Signwarehouse tech people & their Vinyl Express plotter line........forget hill, find interstate highway, rush hour, oncoming tractor trailer, gently toss cutter. ( just kidding, but that "system" is junk. Mark Z


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I hear people on here all the time complaining about Signwarehouse but i have used them for around 3 years for diffrent things and for the most part all has been good. There tech support was helpfull just had to wait on hold for a few min. till it was my turn.