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diamond plate vinyl pallete


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I'm using signlab e6.1. A customer has asked for a job using the diamond plate vinyl. Can I purchase a diamond plate pallete that allows me to use diamond plate in the layout, so I can provide a print out of the job? Is there such a thing?

I know there are diamond plate fills available, maybe this is what I need, but don't know how to do this in signlab.

Any idea's?




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I use LXI Master Plus ,in the color pallete,i have a diamond plate fill its transparent,so i contour it with silver for printouts to show the customer!,Im not to sure about signlab!


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I work in default mode,,ant the bottom you have a color pallete,,scroll thru it,it will have diamond plate it that,use it like you would a color,,if you have black letters,and apply the diamond plate color, it will be transparent diamond plate,you then haft to out line it or contour it and add the color you want for the plate!!! I do this to print a copy for the customer to approve!!
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Just double click the diamond plate or steel plate as it is referred to in Flexi, a window will open where you can choose the background color of the steel plate.