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Different Name, Same Great Taste...

Hello All,

I've actually been stomping about this website for quite a while under my previous SN of BuckyKatt666. I changed the name to match my business name, which I just started using officially at the beginning of the summer. Some brief info about me:

- I am 24 years old.
- I have worked in the sign industry for 5 years.
- Most recently I was a graphic designer and operating systems designer at Instant Sign Center in Brookline, Massachusetts.
- I love logo and identity design. I bought 9 books on the subject from Amazon the other day.
- No matter what I am currently doing, I would rather be drawing comics.
- I have a black belt in Tang Soo Do, but want to study Muay Thai kickboxing.
- Conan the Barbarian is my favorite movie.
- I like to read.
- I like tacos.
- I left art school after my first year and am almost entirely self-taught.
- In addition to being a signmaker, I have worked as a pizza delivery guy, artists nude model, line painter (road markings) and a cashier.

Arlo Kalon 2.0

New Member
I seriously LUV that label "CreativeJUGGERNAUT"! Kinda says yer very BIG into it! Too bad ya have all those other interests/capabilities tho... sign work, as you will soon see, insidiously overtakes you entirely - it WILL consume your creative bent to its own desires before long. But what the heck - could be worse - ya might've been a Finance major instead.


New Member
Maybe you can create the Dibert version of signmaking (although it probably wouldn't get syndicated). The worst thing about signmaking is customers who completely lack creativity and taste not letting you do design for them. Good luck on your new (very cool named) venture.


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thats cool that you know tang soo do, i wish i kept up with tae kuan do but my teacher left to texas when i was younger, it would come in handy to know how to give a non paying customer a dragon kick to the head :thumb: