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Rickey J

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I have a customer who is needing a sign for their building. It will be printed and applied to alum. then attached to the building. What material should I use? A wrap material such as LG LD823 HP Cast with lam? Or Would An LG LD393 Calendered with Lam be ok? The brands I used are just examples. Thanks.
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I only used Cast materials for long term projects. If you search this site for Cast vs. Calendared you'll get a bunch of useful knowledge.

For what your describing I'd use 3M-IJ180 w/ 3M 8518 (or 8519) laminate.


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Calendered is great for long term. I've done some on aluminum. I've also seen some people use calendered on 2-3" foam. Anyone know what foam is used for this tgats smooth enough?


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Years ago we tried applying vinyl to painted foam. The foam was so porous that bubbles formed after application. It was like the foam was gassing out somehow. Weird.

The only way we have had success is by laminating acrylic to the foam before applying any vinyl.

Gatorfoam has a very smooth face that can accept vinyl, but it is not a long term outdoor substrate.