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Digital printing


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For the past 6 years l have been operating a VJ 1304 Mutoh printer, but 3 days ago l cant print, its displaying a massage which reads (MEDIA END) how do l get rid of it?


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After the initial ink replenishment is complete, "Media End" is displayed on Operation panel.

If the printer perform the nozzle check printing im
mediately after the initial ink replenishment is
complete, the following
results may occur.
• Printed lines become blurred.
• The data is partially not printed.
In such cases, follow
5.3 Cleaning menu
and refill a small amount of
ink. Then, check the printing
If there is no improvement in the print result even
after refilling a small am
ount of ink, leave the
printer unused for an hour or more. Then, refill
a small amount of ink again and check the print
If there is still no improvement,
contact your local MUTOH dealer.