For Sale Direct COlor Systems (DCS) UV Full Color / ADA Braille Printer

Ed Koop

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FOR SALE: Direct Colors Systems 7200z UV Full Color / ADA Braille Printer with upgraded vacuum system.

Purchased in 8/2017. Located in Roseville, CA

Great working condition. Easily print on plastic, acrylic, wood, tile, canvas, coroplast, foam board, etc.
Can also attach rotary attachment for printing on drinkware.

Full color, high resolution prints. Plus, tactile ADA Braille capabilities.

Tons of extras along with the printer:
  • 3 print heads
  • 2 EasyCyl attachments for printing on drinkware
  • 2 replacement ink line sets
  • Full set of ink tanks with white ink motors
  • 1 head carriage rail
  • 1 vacuum table
  • Multiple reset chip sets
Price: $35,000

Email for questions/inquiries

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