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Distored Print Area


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I'm having some issues with the print getting "fuzzy" in random spots on the roll. I cleaned the encoder strip because I was having trouble printing all the way across the machine. Thats fixed, but the fuzzy printing is still there. I'm on a SP-540V

Any ideas?


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DIY Printer Fixing Guide
I would say contaminated vinyl and/or heat settings are too high causing buckling which will cause this type of effect. Try turning the heat down and see if you can get it to lay flat while printing.


DIY Printer Fixing Guide
Anything else that might cause buckling? I'll try turning the heat off, it's already at the lowest temp.

Turn the vacuum all the way up and load the material as straight as possible. If your pinch rollers are older, they may be worn unevenly which causes buckling as well. At the end of the day, if the vinyl and backer you are using are very thin you might not be able to avoid all buckling.