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Distort feature in Flexi


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i have been using Flexi for over 6 years now and i have always wished to have better distortion options than what it has now, i use illustrator for the missing ones i normally use especially a perfect arc. my question now is: is there a plug-in i can install to flexi to increase the distort library?? or any other helpful suggestions?
thank you

Fred Weiss

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SignGuy101 said:
i use that too but what if the text is an outlin path?

Then you are stuck with only outline distortions or reentering the text as an option. I don't know of any program that will set outlines on a path correctly is they are letters that have been converted to outlines and therefore no longer have correct baseline, spacing or kerning information available..


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Ok so let me see if I understand this correctly..

You have lettering (text) that has been converted to outlines?
You want to arch these outlined text?
You can do this with the envelope tool from within Illustrator.


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this is what i have been saying TVG. i was looking to do this in Flexi but i guess i can't find what i need, i will have to use my illustrator then.


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There's a fundamental difference between bending text to a path and using a distortion envelope. As Fred noted, only text contains sufficient information to force it to an arbitrary path.

Whereas a distortion envelope remaps each and every point within it thus creating the distortion. It makes no difference if those points are text or just vanilla paths.

Flexi's distortion envelope capabilities are rather primitive but you can often move individual or related pairs of envelope points by using the shift and control keys. This works on some points on some envelopes, not just anywhere. You have to mess with it a bit.

Corel on the other hand features a truly civilized distortion envelope capability. There you can create most any arbitrary shape with any number of points as well as use, and modify, any of its three canned formats. Corel's envelopes are adjusted in exactly the same manner as any other path is shaped. Flexi isn't in the same universe vis-a-vis distortion envelopes.