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DIY Vinyl Cuttin


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Hey guys,

My supplier gave me a 30 Inches Vinyl instead of 20 as my Roland BN20 could only print 20 inches wide media. Sadly they cant accept return as I already disposed of the packaging. Is there a way I can cut it my self? Any suggestions?

Please and thank you!
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d fleming

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Chalk line, ruler and utility knife. It's only one roll and you'll likely not make the mistake again so why go nuts building a tool or jig to do something once.


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Are you printing the whole roll at once? Why not roll off what you need, lay on the table and straight-edge cut off 10"?


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glad it worked.
if you ordered a 20" and they sent a 30" then they should return the item even if the packaging was removed.
Assuming it was still the full length.

When we have to slit rolls, we wrap transfer tape around the cut area as tight as we can get and many layers thick.
this helps to keep the cut cleaner.