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do i need more fonts?


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i have over 1000 fonts which came w/ my LXI master plus software. i think i need more. i asked my uncle, who owns a sign business, what are his most popular fonts. he named a few which i did not have. what font package and from where should i get? he said he likes a font called boogie something. anyone know what this is? any samples?


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I make it a point to buy at least one or two fonts a month or font familiy or package a month. I already bought the Adobe Collection, my Flexi-Sign and Corel fonts. 90% or the Flexi and Corel were unusable.

You might keep your eyes on some great sign fonts from:


Then there is:


Typefaces I can't live without are:

Bertold Akzidenz
Helvetica Neue
LHF Sarah Script
House Industries Sign Painter, Tiki and Neuetra
Avenir....just to name a few....


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I have thousands of fonts and I still need more. What you need is a decent font management program (one comes with CorelDraw that works) and there's a free one out there called "The Font Thing".

They allow you to install/uninstall fonts, view them, etc on the fly. If you install "too many" fonts, Windows goes nuts. "Too many" depends on your system.


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i use a 3gig HP laptop w/ a 80gig harddrive. i also use XP. not sure if "the font thing" can be used w/ XP. at least that's what i read when i just looked it up. didn't list XP as a usable system. i definately would like to get some unique fonts and some kind of management program which can be used w/ XP.

Fred Weiss

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I have to respectfully disagree with Rick as to the usefulness of the fonts supplied free with Corel and many signmaking applications. These libraries are first rate work and provide excellent results for the most part. Their primary shortcoming is that everybody pretty much has them.

To me, fonts are divided into two groups:

1. Fonts that I design with and do the selection of for work I produce for clients who have made no predetermined type style choices.

2. Fonts that I will use to meet the requirements of clients who have previously produced work and want to carry forward those type face selections.

For group #1, I want to be using fonts that are well designed and executed but which aren't overused. For these, Rick's list is an excellent starting point.

For group #2, I have found that about 25% of it comes from the free libraries supplied with Corel and other applications. About 50% comes from designs offered by the major players who have made deep inroads into the design community: Adobe, Linotype, Agfa-Monotype and ITC-Letraset. The balance will come from sources such as URW, Berthold, Emigre, FontFont, FontHaus, The Font Bureau and others.

As already pointed out, the key is organization and font management. The best product I've found has a price tag of $35 but it gets used 10 to 20 times a day in my shop. That tool is named Typograf.

He who dies with the most fonts wins. :wink:


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I would start at the bottom of the page and click on the two banners that say signfonts.com and letterheadfonts.com.



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I'd start with signfonts.com

When I got seroius about making signs and not just stickers, this is where I started. The whole collection offers a wide array of font styles and is VERY compatible with vinyl plotters. They've recently re-worked the fonts so the starting points are properly located and cut more easily. Buy the whole collection.