Do it right the first time


I am usually very careful about this and usually go overboard with quality control as I really like to sleep well at night and not think about what could go wrong.

BUT I got lazy a couple of times lately.

This morning I had to be downtown Seattle at 5:30 to add some nuts on the backs of a panel that had lettering and studs since the silicone was letting go after 3 months - easy fix but it would have been even easier to just put them on in the shop. I said to someone - those will never come loose and the studs are enough, oops.

The other one was not sanding the face of DiBond enough before painting. Sprayed Matthews, finished sign and background peels off in a few areas, oops.

I figure I saved 15 minutes by taking shortcuts and it cost me 4 hours and $180 in materials and gas.

This sound familiar?

J Hill Designs

Major Contributor
yes. yes it does.

forget to put screws back in the trimcap on a channel letter face on a 2hour away install = ugh city