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Fred Weiss

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The following is to make you aware of some very aggressive (in a good way) offers we are introducing at this time for access to all of our art work.

We've been creating, developing and publishing digital illustrations and seamless textures intended for use by professional sign makers, wide format printers, wrappers and graphic designers since 1993. We've gone from diskettes to CDs and DVDs to online downloading. Our current portfolio contains more than 5,000 great images and is offered as vectors, high resolution raster images or both. And it's not done. We added almost 200 new images in just the last week.

Our portfolio covers a lot of basic imagery like carbon fiber, diamond plate, engine turned gold leaf, camouflage and fire to illustrations of tractors, trucks, machinery, tools, and even rodeo cowboys and cowgirls ... with lots more not mentioned here. Our website, is organized to make browsing, keyword searching and downloading quick and easy. Please take a few minutes if you haven't visited lately and give our portfolio a critical viewing.

When you're done, please visit our subscription ordering page. There you'll find several new subscription offers that start at less the 1.5¢ per image (Not a typo! That says less than one and one half cents per image.)

Two of the new subscriptions are short term with NO LIMIT on how many images you may download. Another two subscriptions are a new idea for us. They are non-expiring subscriptions with, again, no limit on downloads. That's about the same as buying a super collection of art work that includes category browsing and a keyword search engine.

We don't know of any subscriptions being offered that begin to approach ours except for quantity. We will never have millions of images but we think you'll find what you need most of the time and in a lot less time than you'll spend at any of the major stock sites. And for a lot less of your hard earned bucks. And no, we do not auto-renew any of our subscriptions.

If you like what you see, just register and add the subscription of your choice to the cart, check out and start downloading.

I'm open to questions and comments. Thanks for reading and looking.


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I don't see the appeal of these images. I had an old 1990s vector art book and it reminds me of that, they are kind of dated... unless I'm looking in the wrong part of the website?

Fred Weiss

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I don't see the appeal of these images. I had an old 1990s vector art book and it reminds me of that, they are kind of dated... unless I'm looking in the wrong part of the website?

Our content could be called dated. I prefer to call it timeless and useful for lots of designs. The breakdown on our portfolio is about 30% black and white vector illustrations, 30% color vector illustrations and 40% high resolution seamless textures. We don't do much with photos. In any collection, it's easy to find content you would not use and that's to be expected. The proof of value comes into play when you use a keyword search, or just browse a category, and find items quickly that you and your clients like.

Here's a few links to images that have been best sellers for us:

My suggestion is to give us a try for a month of unlimited downloads. After the coupon discount, your investment is just $59.60. Then if you like what it adds to your business, resubscribe for a non-expiring, unlimited subscription.

Your comments and questions are welcome and I genuinely appreciate the feedback you've given in this conversation so far.
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I still use beeline images from several years back. no disrespect Ive never cared for the images offered in your package