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Do you offer electrical signage/ channel letters?


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Do you offer electrical signage or channel letters? If you do, what percentage of your business is this type of signage?

I'm just curious as to what percentage doesn't offer it at all or what percentage electrical signage makes up of your total sales if you do offer it.

We do not install electric, or over 12 feet (sometimes 14). For electric, we have a contractor that we refer that work to. It is a family business that has been around for about 70 years and all they do is electric.

In Florida, the moment the job description requires a ladder or electric, insurance rates climb astronomically.

As for channel letters, we will sell them, but the customer is required to handle the install with their licensed electrician. We will do sign faces.

Percentage wise, of any of that stuff, 10% would really be pushing it.


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No Installs here either. We manufacture Custom Sign Cabinets, Channel Letters, and Awnings. We started out doing just awnings back in 1999 and did not add the other products until almost two years ago. I would say that we probably do 60% Awnings and the other 40% goes to Cabinets and Letters.

Blake Wright

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We do 90% electrical. Pretty much everything. Install it all. I sub out Digital Printing, Neon Glass, The building of L.E.D. boards.
We have a 100' Sky hook and a 85' Sky hook. And yes Insurance SUCKS!