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Does a PDF work in Enroute?


New Member
Hello, Im about to start using a multicam router and Enroute software. From what Ive read around this forum alot of times you will recieve artwork that is in a non vector format i.e BMP, JPG etc.. I have been playing with a technique in Photoshop to make a vector image from a BMP but I end up with a PDF file. What format that photoshop can export or save in will be usable with Enroute? Im fairly sure that the artists at this company will be able to produce what I need. I just thought it may be useful to know this type of trick if it can be made to work properly. Anyway Im just playing with ideas until I can get my hands on the machine on monday.



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Photoshop isn't a vector based program. You need vector art to use with your router software. No program will automatically convert a pdf or jpeg into vector art. You'll have to trace it with a vector program like Corel, Flexi-Sign or Adobe Illustrator. If you like photoshop get adobe illustrator. The tools are similar.