doing a wrap w/corel draw....


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I did all the design work in corel 12. I partnered with an experienced guy to do the wrap wholesale. I took him the art work and he had me give it to him in a scale square that was going to fit the car. When he went to transfer to adobe illustrator. It changed the back ground. We had a hard time working with it. We ended up reconstructing it again in Adobe Illustrator.
We had made our background in corel 12 in cloud form in textures. We blended from orange to yellow.. There was a limit on how big to tile. What was all that about? My question is will I be able to design in corel to produce a wrap background with full color photos and copy? Has anyone designed wraps with corel?


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same problem here...

I have had clients send me artwork from corel and it screws any and all gradients up like crazy.

My advice is don't design in one and transfer to the other unless it is simple vector shapes and such. Corel and Adode don't play nice together in vector land....

I do all my wraps in Corel X3, design and then send file to Rip to print on Roland Sp-300. I have had similar problems when a customer took my logo design from Corel and then tried to manipulate it in Illustrator?? I thought maybe it was them?? but maybe not?? I was told that one of the great things about Corel was the way it could open just about anyones file?? maybe that doesn't work the other way??

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granted, gradients between the two programs will have some differences because they...aren't the same program, however -- did you happen to check if your profiles were sync'd for color?


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ive had photoshop.....many times.....BUT since i use corel....and have it loaded was much simpler to go to
PHOTOPAINT. pick 1, of your choice, and you solve a lota problems.
what format did you export from PHOTOPAINT that adobe PHOTOSHOP couldnt reproduce exactly???? and where did the gradiants come from you used???? was the same eyecandy on both machine?


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Patterns and gradients will NOT go well from program to program. ESPECIALLY patterns. Get in the habit of not using them and it will help. And if you want to send a pattern to ai from cd, rasterize or seperate it first.

Fun working from program to program, eh?