DPI Issues...?


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Ok. I understand the difrence in the DIP settings on my printer (roland cj-500) Here is my issue.. I lay out a poster to print. Lets say 92in wide by 32in tall. If I print it at 720dpi or higher it looks great of course.. However I wanted to try out the 540dpi setting as I was told for this type of poster and where it will be 540 would be good enough.

Ok I setup to go with 540dpi and the print looks great however the size is wrong. the settings say 32x92 but the print is 24x62. So I do understand that 540dpi is a lower res however I did not know that it would change the size of the print? so the question is How do I print this poster at 540dpi at the size I want.


Output resolution on your printer will not affect the size (dimensions) of your job. I think your problem lies with how you sent the job to the printer. Either the size you specified was wrong. Or the resolution set in your software did not match the resolution set on your printer.

If you send a job that has software output set at 720 dpi, your printer should be set for 720. If you want to print at 540 then set your printer at 540 and set your software at 540 before sending the job.


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ohhhhhhhhh. . I see.. so when I tell flexi to print 540 I have to manually config the cj-500 to 540.. then its good to go. I assumed that flexi would tell the printer 540 and the printer would adjust ..

thank you..