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Driver for a Roland PNC 910

Hey great people of Signs101 I need to find driver or help loading my drivers from floppy, I have 2 floppy's on esays Driver ver.2.50 for Windows 3.1 and the other says version 1.7 for Windows 1.7.
I can not get either to load the drivers, is it because the computer is to new? or do I need differn't drivers? I bought a pair of these for $100 and one was brand new, I figured I would use them for on location signs and shirts and such.
Thanks great people hope everyone had a great Christmas!!
Hey OP I figured you would know something about Rolands after doing a search on Signs101.
I beleive it is a 15" cutter, Where do I found DJ2729OJ.EXE, I googled it, and searched Rolands website and have not found it?
Thanks OP!!!
P.S. I also love your Paint Bus, It is waaaayyyyyyy KEWL!