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drivers for e6?


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do anyone in here know if signlab e6 supports the mimaki jv3160s printer or the mimaki cg160fx cutter?

i have a demo, but they arent listed....


Bob Gilliland

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Express Sign,

Was wondering if you could provide some additional information about the Mimaki cg160fx plotter. Any chance there is a typo with that model (perhaps the CG130EX?), or is this a yet to market device? If it is in fact the CG130EX, then yes, there is a specific labeled driver. CADlink does offer a unified “Pro” series driver that may be able to be used if it is not the CG130EXthis plotter falls under the “Pro” series as specified by Mimaki. It may or may not have ever possible bell and whistle supported, but it should at the very least should support “standard” and “basic” communications to the device.

:thumb: As for the JV3 printer, yes, CADlink does offer driver support via both parallel and firewire interface.

All of this relates to the current SignLab e6.1 product, so not sure to what specifics the long ago released e6 package supports.


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mimaki cutter


thanks for the input. it is an FX, which from my understanding is the exact same as the EX, except it has an optical eye and is purple in color like the JV3. it cuts up to somewhere at 50" and accepts around 56", which works well wiht the JV3 from what im told. I got one of the first in the US about 2 months ago. they also have a 160 EX coming out thats suppose to cut at the 64" mark wiht the JV3 in the next couple months. i actually pre-purchased this one and it got delayed so they gave me the 130 and a smile. they still havent made it right as of yet.

i have the mimaki cocut driver for it, for use with corel, but i have yet to use it and Flexi just came out with the driver for it for FlexiSign. I got it last week im going to look at onyx because i hear the print then cut with another machine is suppose to be easier because the registration marks dont have the space at the edge.

mimaki has been running some ads on it in some of the magazines, signcraft, signs of the times, etc over the past month or so, so you could see it in there. there was also about 5 or 6 different vendors at the orlando show that had it on display, and i expect to see it a lot at the SGIA in ATL in the next couple weeks.

mimakis marketing kinda sucks in my opinion becuase if you think about it, we all use computers and the internet a LOT in the sign industry, yet the www.mimakiusa.com site is amatuer looking and if i were them i would hire a true web designer - even though i havent done mine yet so i dont have much room to talk :). it has no info on the cutter thats been released for about 3 months or even real good descriptions of thier other products. the www.mimaki.co.jp website is a LOT better, has both the english and jp language version, but it still doesnt have any info on the new cutter, so i recommend that one.

ill post a picture of it in a sec....