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Dual Monitors!!!!!!!!


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:thumb: Just hooked them up,i had a few flat panels laying around,and a Radeon 9500 card ,don't know why i didn't do it before...........LOL i will never go back to a single monitor again!!!!!! WAY TO COOL!!!!:thumb:


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how exactly do you hook up dual monitors? Do I need a special card or something on my system to get it to work?
dual monitors is the ONLY way to go CONGRATS, monitors are so affordable it really is a nice addition to your computer setup for the work we do.

i picked up a 42" plasma monitor that i do use separately for presentations instead of hooking up my projector and that is a NICE little toy as well, and when i am not working on a project i can hook up my cable box to it and watch the boobtube as well...it is very impressive for presentations in my studio clients love it versus bending over and straining their eyes to see what is on the screen of the small monitors.....i love technology one of the main things i use my dual setup for is for sorting through and making adjustments to my photography work, i leave my thumbnails up on one screen and then on the other make adjustments to a single image very nice when searching for photos or filling a order for a client for a variety of images. its also nice to leave email up on one when i am busy responding to all of the messages i receive in a day and then i still have one screen up that i can work on while dilly dallying with the other nonsense

many new desktops already support dual monitors without you having to go out and spend any extra coin, with the exception of the second monitor...look at the back of your computer for two VGA connectors or two DVI connectors or one of each one.

if you only have a one VGA or DVI you need to get a video adapter. You can either install a second or replace the one you have with one that has two connections. then you hook up both monitors turn off your computer and windows xp will recognize the second monitor and you just have to configure your displays, most video adapters that you buy will have software that will allow you to utilize your dual monitor setup more efficiently but if not there is some free ones on the net that work great, I believe it was Dave Grundy that recommended the one that i use but off of the top of my head i can not remember the name of it but if someone has a problem using a dual monitor setup effectively let me know and i will post the name of the software.

i'm no computer geek but even i was able to pull off this addition myself.


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We have three workstations, all with dual monitor setups. The only way to go if your busy and want to be productive.