Need Help Easy Cut Studio - Scaling issue?


New Member

I am using Easy Cut studio which to me seems rather basic and no-frills. Today I tried to cut a 30" wide simple lettering banner on a roll of oramask and sent the data to my Mutoh Kona 1400.

The machine started cutting, but right away I noticed it was cutting outside the required area. Rather, it was cutting horizontally relative to the media. The roll is 24" wide, and it seems the cutter began cutting at the start of the lettering outside the bounds of the media. What's even stranger is that everything was "re-sized" to fit the media width. I did not change any settings in the software which up until now has worked fine.

The virtual mat size and x-y resolution are the same and I was getting perfect results up until a few days ago. I'm still relatively new to this, and had some issues with my secondhand machine, but this seems totally weird.

Can anyone make a suggestion?