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eclipse plotters?


New Member
I purchased an Eclipse plotter about 3 months ago. I purchased mine from ND Graphics. They have outlets in most major cities across Canada. The Eclipse is a rebadged Summa. They are a great plotter as anyone who owns a Summa or Eclipse can attest to. They are pretty much bullet-proof and have excellent customer service / warranty.
Sounds like they might have really good support!

Look.....what is the budget? It is much easier to tell you what you will get for your buck, than just to suggest a machine. Those of us that have been doing it a while know what is what and where, via experience.

We are not salespeople, just real users.


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We have a Summa D520 that is over ten years old and still runs like new. We had a problem with it when it was still under warranty. Their repair person brought the part he thought might be bad, but then found it only needed a small adjustment. He left the part "just in case" and it still sits on the shelf ten years later. So if the Eclipse is a Summa with another name it should be a work horse.