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ECO Sol Max Ink


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I have a roland versa-camm SP-300 and I am using Flexi for outputting. I just switched over to the new Eco-sol Max inks and downloaded the new profiles from scanvec and the prints are terrible. The colors are extremely dark. I have to output in Hi-Quality Mode or else I get banding in the prints. I have tried using other profiles for output but not having much luck. Is anyone else having similar problems?


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I switched over to Max inks about three weeks ago (SC 500). Love em! Much briter colors than before, they dry allot faster to. Love the Roland profiles as well (Color Choice2).

Id say, check your settings and calibration.

Mike Paul

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I don't like the way Flexi prints. The profiles aren't very good, banding issues arise, lays down to much ink. They really need to improve them. VersaWorks does a great job printing.


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Using Versa Works also on the Roland SP540V. Like it with the Oracal 3651 and the appropriate profiles. No banding, no over deposit of inks. Running the Eco Sol Max inks.


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We use Flexi 7.5V5 still and orajet 3651G with flexi profiles and so far are getting great results with the max inks.

dennis j

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I have been happy using the presets in Flexi for vector images but have better luck using Versaworks for bitmap images.

mark in tx

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I switched to Triangle bulk inks a month ago, they dry faster and are tougher than the Eco-sol IMHO. I can wipe a wet felt squeegee across any of my prints and they don't scratch or fade.
I also had everything profiled, monitor, printer, scanner, camera, and life has been pretty.
Studio Signs, take a look at your linearization settings, if I remember correctly, I had them set at C=75,M=75,Y=65,K=75 for the max ink.

Johnny Go

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We have a 6 year old sp-300v and use eco-sol max inks. We don't get any banding even in high speed (Low Quality) mode. Occasionally we get some banding if there has been a serious headstrike but after a powerful cleaning everything is crisp and clean and stays that way. Regular maintenance on these machines goes a long way to keeping your quality up.


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we had sp-300, now have vp-540 and xc-540 all with versaworks and eco-sol max ink
always have good outputs other then some minor problems but never anything with the ink


i find if the machine isn't cleaned for a few days and not used i get major banding. After cleanings it always clears up for me.