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Edge 2 Printer - New Hardware Error!!


New Member
We bought a used Edge 2 about 2 months ago. It has been working perfectly. Recently our CD Rom in that computer wasn't working correctly so we had installed another old one sitting around in a box.

CD Rom works now, but when windows comes up, it says it has detected NEW hardware - GERBER EDGE 2.. it wants CD for Driver?????? We had never seen this when we initially set up Edge 2?? (just after this CD Rom change). We can't find driver anywhere so it has a YELLOW warning thing in device driver that says OTHER and then the GERBER Edge 2. also we are getting a Windows EXPLORER.exe Error on startup?? then have to RESTORE our active desktop due to warning.

Gerber Edge 2 however is working OK...


much thanks

Mike Paul

Super Active Member
Just hit cancel and ignore the new hardware window.
I've never experienced the explorer.exe error on startup. What program are you using to print?