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Edge cutting problems

Jamie Christy

New Member
when cutting an image on the Edge we get the bomb site dead-on and the cut is a little off....just started and now am in a pinch for print today


New Member
Our roland has a cut calibration built in, I don't know if the edge does but you may want to check the manual, call tech support or just scoll through the menu and all sub-menus (that where rolands is, in a sub-menu so you don't see it unless you really look) The other thing you might be able to do it put a bleed around the image so it becomes similar to cutting solid colored vinyl. That worked on a large piece we printed/laminated then cut that had a graphic and some text and was over 15 feet long. Then we found the calibration tool in the menu.
Hope it helps!

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
The Edge operates in a fairly loose tolerance Jamie. + or - .02" is not unusual. Setting your target to be the same color as that wwhich is closest to the outside helps some. Setting bleeds if called for also is at your disposal.

The amount to foil left in the cartridge also has an effect as does the placement of the target. You can also get errors from the bomb site being a little off. You can experiment with where it is rotated to by marking a side of it and then trying it in different positions.

If you are cutting with a plotter other than an Envision 375, you will also tend to experience more registration errors.