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EDGE fritzing out!?!?

Arlo Kalon 2.0

New Member
Plainly and simply, I am in the middle of printing/cutting some intricate files for an 18-wheeler tractor. It is all Celtic artwork, and I have purely vector files that are up to just slightly over 2MB - lotsa vector info! (intertwined Celtic knotwork).

I am having very erratic performance from my system. Parts of the job, for instance, will print just fine, but the cutter goes off altogether in the wrong direction when cutting the only job loaded into the Queue.

Other times, the job begins printing (4 spot colors involved) and everything freezes after like the first two colors have printed. The EDGE just sits there and keeps taking up foil off the roll and the computer is frozen.

This problem is highly isolated to just this one job file. I'm using Omega 2.0, WinXP, 1 Gig RAM, AMD 1.6 Ghz processor. I was recently tuned up by an awesome computer pro, and everything has worked fine since. Except for this one job.

I've even tried just printing small segments of it, but same thing is happening. Customer is in town off the road for the day right now, and I'm done wasting expensive material. Any ideas??
We had a similar problem, even though we do not have a Gerber. In the end, although our file looked "fine", it turned out to have corrupt vector info, that made the plotter go nuts and sometimes skip needed cuts.

Our solution was to completely redo. Cutting, pasting, copying did not work - it just carried the fault.

That corruption cost us a 50 yard roll of vinyl!

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Follow these steps:

  • select all and copy/paste into a new omega window
  • select all and inspect for any spurious or invisible objects - delete if you find any
  • save the job under a new name
  • print and cut the new job