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Edge Fx - Squeegees Scratching Vinyl?


New Member
I think that the squeegees on my Edge Fx are making light scratches on the vinyl as it pulls it through. I have cleaned the squeegees with alcohol and don't feel anything along the edges of the squeegees. Any suggestions? Could something besides the squeegees be making the scratches? THANKS!


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yes- especially on reflective. I assume you have wiped dust off of vinyl already. I have seen some place application tape around the squeegees. that may help.


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We just had same problem but the squeegee definitely had little Nick's in the edges. Check your infeed and outfeed setup for contaminate transfer.

We also had a circumstance where our roll had defective backing on it that was slighty wavy on one side of the roll. This created poor surface contact on the platten and created what looked like scratches but was actually points when the vinyl was just slightly away from the foil.

Jeff grossman

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I got some window guide felt from my window tinting buddy , thinnest he had - works great 1/4 inch strip down the length of the squeegee. Started using it when I printed clear , reflective and static cling. Scratch free multi color prints