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Edge on E-Bay


New Member
Anyone see the edge on ebay... it's and edge I, currently around $1400... Says it has some minor imperfections with black.... just an FYI

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
If it's a Classic it will cost about $6000 for a factory refurbishing. If it's an LE it's still somewhere in the neighborhood of $4000.

Mike Paul

Super Active Member
Do you or anyone out there know why a Edge 1 original, trunnion, or LE would vary so much for service repair.? I am 99% sure they use the same print head. I always thought the cost was apx. $2,000 for a head replacement.
I understand the cost being higher if additional work on the clutches etc. were in dire need of repair, but Parts and labor to make up that Cost difference seems extreme.

These high charges are not only Edge printer related. If I remember correctly some plotter repair costs have a $1,000 diagnosis and minimum charge fee.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
The issue for GSP is very much the age of the machine since they don't just replace a printhead when a unit is returned to the factory ..... they bring all aspects of it up to reasonable standards so that it can be warranteed and be eligible for a maintenance agreement. The older the machine the more electronics they also replace since they know that new parts in an old machine will often cause enough strain on other older parts to cause them to fail.

The other issue, of course, is that they really want to see older machines retired and new units purchased, so they structure their fees to discourage fixing older units.