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Edge Printing Fades

Jen Goodwin

New Member
Okay, I was told by a Gerber Guy that the old(est) model Edge that I run will only print a fade starting at 7% and going to 90 something %; and that the Edge 2 will print from 0-100%. My question is does the new style Edge 1 (that you could purchase today) print from 0-100% or does it print the same as my old model? Trying to make a decision. :wink:

Jen Goodwin

New Member
Also, what are the pros and cons of each, which would you buy and why? I run one at my '40 hour' job, but I have never shelled out the clams for one myself and that's alot of clams! :biggrin: I am pretty sure I want an Edge and not one of the ink jets. It's a big decision...any input would be appreciated.

scott pagan

New Member
i usually will keep my fades between 5%-95% anyway. the ends of the percentages can sometimes print rather harsh so if i can print a very small tint and have the darker area not fill in, i feel i get better results.

as for pt.2, i'd rather have a good used Edge1 (aka LE) than an inkjet for the same $$. it's so much more versitile; think substrates, it prints white, lots of print control (since you know the software), and the durability of "unfinished" graphics.

Jen Goodwin

New Member
Scott, I'm glad you brought up this issue again. I printed a sign today that I set it up in photoshop. I had a cream background...and burgundy type. I added an outer glow of the 'default yellow' to the type. The type also ran across a picture along with the cream background. I saved as a high res jpeg in photoshop, brought it into Omega (1.56)...the glow behind the type that sat on the cream background looked 'okay' when you zoomed in on it, but it printed as a big white blotch!! I'd at least expect what I had on screen to print somewhat true. I noticed it on the first color but went through all the colors hoping that the black would filter itself down in and make the fade effect that I was looking for. If I played around with the black and white filter, I'd think I may get a better result - but then the picture would grey out?? I chalked this up to the 7% rule to the Edge 1. I re-ran it deleting the outer glow effect in photoshop and it was fine. Bummer, but fine. My problem is that you can't to my knowledge tell photoshop that the effect should be above 7%...and it was yellow, not even white!?! So I wouldn't think it should even be a problem. What should the black and white filters be set at and do you play around with them??

BTW - Went for a new LE and GS15plus....couldn't be happier!!

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Try printing it again and turn off Automatic Profile Selection in GSPPlot .... under the 123 menu. Then manually select the profile named Gerber Edge II CMYK 300 DPI.

Tony T put me onto it. It is the best general purpose profile in the bunch.

Jen Goodwin

New Member
I tried the setting that you suggested, color was great - except the cream didn't print at all, the background was white and the black in the photo didn't fill in at all...looked like you just printed the cyan and never put the black to it at all. Pattern was nice, too.
After reading a post about the black and white filters on 4edgetalk, I played around with them...then set them back to the default. It seems as thought they have been screwed up ever since.
I know, it's sad...but this is what I am printing...


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