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edge system


New Member
what edge systems are out there???

i know www.proedgesystems.com, but before i buy i want to make sure i have looked at most all of them....

anybody in here have one, either from pro edge or another company and if so how do you like it?


Waffle Baron
Best bet is to call around to some of the local vendors for pricing and models, theres alot of info on the internet as well.

My boss is selling his edge 1 and the gerber gs-15 plus plotter that goes with it for 3500 bucks just for info sake.


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Just to clarify ...

The question is about edge trimming systems. It is not a question regarding a Gerber Edge.


New Member

sorry i didnt elaborate any more than that. just got in a hurry. yes, im looking for edge trimming systems, not a gerber edge.

www.proedgesystems.com is the only one i have found, but seems like at a trade show i saw anothre one but cant remember the name......