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Need Help Edge to edge printing on a HP FB750

Andrew Hodgson

New Member
Hello, I am trying to print edge to edge on a HP FB750. I make the graphic larger than the actual graphic but when I try to set negative margins, the printer will crop my graphic to the scanned dimensions. How do I setup and print the graphic so it physically prints off of the ridge panel so I don't see any white space?

I am using Caldera 11.2 as my RIP


New Member
Negative margins should do the trick assuming the print is oversized - I usually add .125" all 4 sides and negative margin .125" all the way around.
You can also set the material up as non-detectable and specify a large size than the actual material.
If it's just the trailing edge you're having the white show up on, specify a longer length when loading material.
Hope this helps