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Edge To Edge Printing on Epson S40


New Member
Hey All,

Anybody had success edge to edge printing on 48" material with any of the Epson printers. We set our gutters to OFF and our margins and spacing to 0 in ONYX (Postershop 12) but the machine is auto sensing the material width and prints 1/4" away from the edge regardless.

Any workarounds for this auto sensing and/or edge spacing?

Thanks in advance


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Not that I know of.
What would be your solution to handle the ink that would go off the edge? Tape?


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on our roland, we had to cheat the machine with a bit of tape on the platen to think the media was a bit bigger on each side. then from there its just using that base point and scooching the print over in the rip till you're clean edge to edge. im not sure with an epson it would be the same but thats what i did to get true 3 foot banners on a 38" roll.


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Very Sneaky, we were going to put down a mask layer to help catch waste ink anyway so maybe that'll work.

yeahh i would just make sure you put the tape over the read strip on the platen. when i was first figuring it out i wasnt always hitting the strip and would end up misaligned and have to clean and retape the thing. annoying but once you get it set, you can mark your platen so you can return to the same area after your run if you need to ever do that again.