Edge , which one?

Been thinking of trying to find a decent used one. Any models to stay away from ? From a service/ parts stand point. Edge 2 or FX I'm guessing would be what to look for. Also Do you need the Software & cutter with it ? Or can i just run it From Flexi Pro 8 & cut from the Roland 540V.

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The Edge LE or the Edge II are both good money makers and I have been using mine since 1998. Yes you do need to have a matching Gerber plotter. You can use Omega, FlexiSign Pro or SignLab to run it. All have their own approach and i think Omega probably is the best choice for most.

There is a tendency to think that between the Edge and a wide format inkjet it should be one or the other. There is overlap in what they produce for sure. But is is a logical choice for certain kinds of work and there are lots of items that the Edge is far better at or is the only choice. Spot colors for example and being able to print on a variety of films that inkjets would totally fail to achieve usable results.

The main thing to keep in mind is how much volume you can put through it because it costs more than just the initial cost and the supplies it consumes. Repairs can be quite high which is true for any type of print and cut system. OTOH, when I am running my Edge I am typically producing $150 to $250 per hour in gross profit with much of that time free to do other things because of the reliability of tractor feed printing and cutting.

I personally would not consider an Edge FX because of the limitations on third party foils it imposes. The increased speed of the Edge II and the higher resolution is a plus but I have been very pleased with my Edge LE as well. I would not recommend the Edge Classic or Trunion models at this point in time.


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FX Foils

You can print ZeroNine & Duracoat in the FX (and old Edge II foils if you know how).

You still have use different profiles for those foils but it will work.

But don't tell anyone :Cool 2:

Shameless Commerce Ahead!

I'm biased to the FX as
1) I use it exclusively - sold all our Edge IIs
2) Sell & Support the FX.
3) Find the Edge II annoying due to the lack networking and lifting the hood everytime
4) Viable market for finding a "good" Edge II dwindles by the day
5) Upkeep on Edge II is going to get worse/$
6) Moving from Edge II to the FX requires "Change" as it is "Different"
7) We have a lot of customers doing a lot of business (Thank you!) with the FX
8) It is a bit "Greener" in that it is a dry process
9) Allows you to jump into other markets with the enVision cutters
10) Sprocket-fed media makes printin & cutting pretty much a fire-and-forget task.

If you are doing wide-format stuff - buy an inkjet (think EPA & OSHA)

You will will need to learn the software - the key to doing well with Gerber


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I was at a meet this past weekend and Duracoat has come out with a solution for their foils in the FX. If you have an FX call your distributor and ask for the FX kit!
So Edge 2 gets the vote?

Save your money and buy something BIGGER & better............

I have a Roland 540v (I need something bigger & better?)
I had a PC 600 I would have kept if I had the space . What I really wanted was a PC 12(I know the edge has better print quality) because of it's size. After talking to Roland , Parts are a problem. So I don't want to get a unit that will be a paper weight within 2 years. I would just like to have a thermal unit to do some things you cannot on the ink-jet . Since it will be a part time unit I really don't want to drop 10-15k . But I do not want to waste $ on a unit that is obsolete. One I can't get parts or service with out without spending the price of the unit to fix.


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Rant, 1 Ea., Extended


Our Rant on Solvent Inkjet Printers Vs. Thermal Printers
such as the Gerber Edge & Matan Spring & Spark.
We don't sell solvent inkjet printers and we are extremely biased against them and here is why.


PLEASE NOTE: We agree that you can't beat inkjets in one-off wide format signs. Period.

But that is a real tough business to be in and you have my profound respect if you are profitable (as I know some of you are).

The Edge hits repeat signage, labels, decals and control panels with much better margins. Plus you don't have to constantly find new customers between signs... Repeat business is the Edge sweet spot.

Some 4-color decals work best on an inkjet some don't. Having both gives the best set of capabilities.

Sorry for the extended rant and company plugs, but I'm pretty passionate about this issue...

I was on your web site last night. Right now $15k is a little out of my price range. I do agree having both is the ideal work environment. That's why I'm looking.


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Lease / Rent

I understand completely which sometimes makes an Edge I a good starter machine.

We're also looking at a leasing, renting and rent-to-own programs (i.e. renting one for six months will certainly tell you if you can be successful with it).