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Discussion EFI Pro 16h


New Member
Using EFI FX 7

How do I control the masking in different print modes?

I'd like to setup different print modes, IE 6 pass 600x600, and control the way each pass interacts.

I've used other printers and they have fine and feathered masking to use that reduced the banding between bi directional printing.

Is something like that available?

Is there a link or PDF that explains the gray scale method used with EFI printers.

The only profiles available are

1 Pass --Junk who really uses that!

2 Pass -- Not really any better Maybe at 50/50 (50 feet at 50 mph viewing)

4 Pass -- Almost usable if better masking could be used.

8 Pass -- Usable but slow

12 Pass -- Really slow

24 Pass -- one or 2 boards per hour SLOW.

Looking for a sweet spot setting to use for production.

What are others printing at?

~ cb


New Member
in each setting you can change the resolution being used. In the Fiery rip under the Output tab then Special Printer Setting you can control the resolution and print mode(passes) from default. You can also create new workflow setting if you were wanting to use a bunch of different ones.