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Electric Component Pricing


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I am going to supply a customer with either 8 new HO tubes and 2 ballasts or an LED retro fit. I don't do much electrical work due to Michigan's laws. I can get all the components from my suppliers and an electrician is going to do the installation. My question is what is the typical mark up range on bulbs and ballasts. He's a good customer so I don't want to screw him but I don't want to leave money on the table either.


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Without doing the install i'd say 30-40%. I usually mark up different because I can install where i live.


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Definitely take a full mark-up. Sometimes even new ballasts fail and who will your customer look to for the replacement? You! The ballast may be replaced under warranty but the electrician won't go back for free so you get to pay him again.


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Thanks. I've dealt with various industries and full mark up can range from cost plus freight x 2, down to cost plus 30%.


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do a google search for the items you are getting.
This will give you an idea of what the end user would be paying if they did it themselves.

Once known, price accordingly