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Electro-Matic Digital Signs

Wesley Powell

Account Rep
We had a salesman from Electro-Matic Visual reach out to us about possibly being a vendor for their EMC's and we are meeting with them today. I just wanted to see if anyone has any personal experience with them and any pro's/con's they have found. We are currently a dealer of Daktronics EMC's which is obviously a higher quality message board resulting in a higher price option, so we figured this could possibly give our clients a cheaper option. Let me know what you have heard or experienced please!


New Member
First, I have no personal experience with Daktronics, but we had a local racetrack with one and they would often say, "If you need one of these signs, we can tell you which one NOT to buy." They had endless troubles. Secondly, I have my first Electro-matic sign on order. It will be shipped to a builder today, hopefully. The salesman was great and attended village meetings with me and his regional guy came out special just to meet me and they both have a lot of experience in the industry. So, it may be early for me to say, but so far, things look very good with them. One downside was that someone offered me an 8 year old EM LED message board and it needed a power supply. The same salesman told me that, at eight years old, it was not worth fixing and was junk. Draw your own conclusions from that advice.