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Embedding Jpeg

Jen Goodwin

New Member
I have a file to upload to a supplier, it has vectored type and a jpeg of a sink. The file was already printed minus the sink and I was told by the supplier that when he opened the file there was no sink and that it didn't prompt him by telling him that it couldn't find the file either. I uploaded an Illustrator (.ai) file to him after converting all the text. When I open it, of course it is there on my end. How can I embed the jpeg into the file, when I export as a tiff, that option isn't available and when I save as an Illustrator eps, the option of 'embed linked files' is greyed out. How can I prevent this with the new file that I must upload to get these reprinted?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
The option to embed an image that has been placed on an Illustrator page is accessed through the Links Palette.

From Adobe Illustrator Help:

To change a linked image into an embedded image:

Select a linked image in the Links palette.
Choose Embed Image from the Links palette menu

If you've done it correctly, when it is done actually converting the image, you will see a small thumbnail appear in the palette line containing the image.

Jen Goodwin

New Member
Well, Interestingly enough it is there on the links palette. I wonder what happened? Oh well, its already been uploaded again with a description of what it should all look like so there should be no confusion next time! Thanks Fred, now I at least I know that I can check in the links palette :biggrin: