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Encad Chroma 24


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We have an Encad Chroma 24 which we're seeing more use of however we have a problem with color calabration. We're printing a sponsor sign with multiple colors and it didn't print all colors correct. How does one adjust this? We have called Encad but they're extremely behind. Any help appreciated. For example it is printing gray as a light brown andgold as an orange and blue as a black. Thanks.



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Hi mark.

I have a Roland Soljet and ususally what i design in Ilustrator comes out the same on the print. But it hapens often enough that colors are way off.

If i really want to be precise with color i have some color charts that i have printed (also marked on the print what resolution and media profile was used) and match my pantone book (or any other color sample) to the sampled print.

I open the chart in the pc and copy the colors accordignly.

I can e-mail you the charts i have if you're interested.


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Give me your e-mail addy.

I got three charts in a .zip file and the site wont let me attach it.


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Baz - do you still have those charts? Know this is an old thread but we're buying one of the Encad 24s that was recently listed and I think those might be helpful in setting it up.